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It may not be much, but it's my home(page) !

Just What Exists in Kenworld :

Kenworld revolves around its own sun. This sun was called KIMMY by the early astronomers but what makes up Kimmy or keeps her in orbit is still a mystery

Kenworld sent up a deep space probe 5 years ago with a spiffy greeting, searching for intelligent life, or at least those searching for Kenworld. To hear that spiffy message that has annoyed so many click here

Kenworld is, among other things, infested with Earthwyrms. The Earthwyrms have inhabited Kenworld for sometime now, even before Kenworld moved into orbit around Kimmy. The Kimmy sometimes, unintentionally, causes the Earthwyrms to go unnoticed but, every so often, mulch is needed and their services are sought out. To learn more about these Earthwyrms I suggest these quality web pages.
Mike's ~ Mutant Graphics

Kenworld also has a fascination with Earth Human Transportation. To see my own modes, some run, some walk, look here

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